Investigation Process

The Investigation

When a client contacts PARACUSE we will take you through a process that will provide the most thorough and accurate investigation possible. Our goal is to leave our clients with the answers and reassurance they are seeking. The investigation is a 7 step process that is usually complete in 2 to 4 weeks. Our investigators along with the client will work together until the conclusion of the case. This is the seven step process:

Step 1 : A preliminary interview will be conducted with the client to determine the type of activity, where and when it happens , who it effects and what you think is happening. We will ask a series of questions related to your living environment and daily activities.

Step 2: An on-site interview and tour will be conducted on the day of the investigation. This is when the client can
show our team when and where the most activity takes place. This is when the client can give our team any history
they have collected since the preliminary interview.

Step 3: The actual investigation. During the investigation a number of investigators will be using various types of
equipment such as video recorders, sound recorders, photographic equipment, and various types of detectors to
record any evidence that may be present. During the investigation our team will determine what is normal and/or
paranormal and record those findings.

Step 4: After the investigation our team will review all the evidence collected looking for paranormal and/or normal 
activity. The team will then meet and discuss and share their findings and prepare evidence for the client in a report
and/or evidence review session depending on the level of activity and data collected. 

Step 5: History and property analysis. Research of newspaper articles. property information, and history of the area and people that have lived in the area will be examined to see if any history supports evidence found during the
investigation. This information will be included in the final report and analysis.

Step 6: Evidence review and final analysis. This is when we meet with the client and present our findings by either a face to face review session, a telephone conference or written report depending on the amount of evidence and data collected. At this meeting we will offer suggestions and determine if further information and steps will be required.

Step 7: After the investigation process is complete, we will continue to follow up on the case and provide further
support, education and other investigative services if they are needed. 

We will form a continued relationship with our clients and provide further investigations and research services if they
are required. You will not be left alone, we will support and assist in any way we can.

To determine if you have a haunting, go to the PARANORMAL 101 page of this web site and read "How to determine if you have a haunting". If you feel you do, then contact us for further information.

PARACUSE offers new service

PARACUSE will be offering a new service called “House Call”. When you are not sure if you are experiencing paranormal activity or just don’t want a full scale investigation, we will send a condensed crew trained in recognizing the potential of the paranormal. Once the House Call is concluded, our Investigators will provide you with preliminary results and will make recommendations to help resolve any issue you are experiencing.

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